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Paper Title
Potential Success in English Writing Skills Using Artificial Intelligence “Grammarly”


Shahriar, Arafat; Laboni, Fatema Begum


"Grammarly" is a cloud-based typing assistant or artificial intelli gence that checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, coherence, interactivi ty, and other errors and replaces them with the appropriate responses. The purpose of the study is to investigate Bangladeshi students’ perception of using Grammarly in their writing to explore AI's potential creditability in effective English writing learning. The participants of the study are 55 students enrolled in different undergraduate programs at Daffodil Interna tional University, Ashulia, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A random sampling technique was used to collect the sample from non-English department students. A questionnaire was developed to gather the information for this research. The study has been conducted through a mixed-method convergent design methodology. The study finds that the participants who use Gram marly or used Grammarly at some point in their lives have developed their writing skills after using Grammarly. The finding of the research strongly discloses the potential success of learning English Writing by using the Artificial Intelligence “Grammarly”. Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Grammarly, Learning, English writing


Artificial intelligence, Grammarly, Learning, English writing

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