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Possibility of Using Jamboard for Interactive Remote EFL Teaching and Learning


Yesmin, Farjana; Siddique, Shahrina Afrin


COVID-19 has forced the world to encounter a new experience which has also brought an unforeseen revolution in the world education system. Traditional norms and practices of classroom teaching are being challenged continually. Chalkboards and whiteboards are now being replaced by multiple technological tools, teachers are delivering class lectures via various video teleconferencing software programs, and study materials are being published as pre-recorded video clips or uploaded on different sites. In such an era, Google Jamboard can be utilized as a significant tool for transforming digital education into infotainment for the tertiary-level EFL learners of Bangladesh. The present study sought to investigate the possibility of using Google Jamboard to create an interactive virtual classroom environment for tertiary-level EFL students. All the data for this study were collected using an electronic questionnaire survey from various departments of a private university in Bangladesh. The study found that EFL learners hold a positive attitude toward the use of Jamboard for remote learning which can play a significant role in helping EFL learners to improve their English language skills. The study also recommends some of the best features of Jamboard for EFL teachers. Keywords: COVID-19, ELT, technology in education, digital board, tertiary education


COVID-19, ELT, technology in education, digital board, tertiary education

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