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Paper Title
Modern Resistance Poetry in Bangla


Rokanuzzaman, Md.


Thanks to a bunch of massive movements in the Bangla-speaking region of the Asian sub-continent, i.e. Bangladesh and the Paschim Bangla of India, modern Bangla literature of this region has been enriched with resistance poetry. Resistance literature is the literature of organized resistance movements and national liberation struggles. Very few nations had to fight for rights and liberation, and have very rich resistance literature. There were several resistance movements in this region in the last century. The Liberation War of Bangladesh was the biggest of them and triggered the most remarkable resistance literature, a large number of which is poetry. This movement was so immense both in magnitude and emotional impact that it has been motivating new literature till today. Movements namely the Swadeshi Andolon, the Tebhaga Andolon, the Language Movement and the Movement of the 80’s played no less role in inspiring poetic resistance. This paper critically reviews the major parts of the entire arena of modern resistance poetry written in Bangla in the said Bangla-speaking region. The poetry of resistance that centers the mentioned events has different political and emotional orientations. Poets have their own beliefs and ideologies that are reflected in their creations very clearly. This paper accommodates all possible orientations and beliefs.


Resistance, modern, literature, poetry, Bangla, protest

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