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Exploring English Language Teaching at Dakhil Level in the Aliya Madrasas in Bangladesh


Ashraf, Tasleem Ara


In Bangladesh, a large group of students study in the Aliya madra sas that provide both religious and secular education. According to the new curriculum, the students studying at the Aliya madrasas must learn English language from Ebtedayee level (primary) and continue until Kamil (masters) level. However, the reports from BANBEIS and World Bank (2015) have revealed that the English language proficiency of the students are below the standard. Therefore, this study is an attempt to explore the English language teaching and learning approaches applied at Dakhil level in Aliya madrasas. Dakhil level is considered equivalent to S.S.C or secondary level education in Bangladesh. Data for the study was collected using a mixed method that included a questionnaire survey, interviews and focus group discussion. A total 50 teachers and 200 students from ten Aliya madrasas participated in the survey. The major findings revealed that CLT methods were not properly implemented in the Aliya madrasas at Dakhil level. Lack of adequately trained teachers, backdated syllabus, lack of necessary teaching aids, large class size and prevalence of traditional language teaching methods have been identified as the major causes for the poor teaching and learning of English language at the Aliya madrasas in Bangladesh. Keywords: CLT, Aliya Madrasa, Dakhil level, ELT, NCTB, English for Today


CLT, Aliya Madrasa, Dakhil level, ELT, NCTB, English for Today

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