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Strengths and Limitations of BLC as an Online Teaching/Learning Platform


Barman, Binoy; Rahman, Mohammad Mustafizur


Nowadays, thanks to Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have to conduct classes online since physical classes are discouraged by the institutional and state authorities. Daffodil International University is no exception. It has introduced Blended Learning Center (BLC) to help teachers and students to manage their teaching/learning in an effective way. Teachers can share their resources with students, who again share their learning experiences with teachers. Assessment is also done through this platform. Virtual interactions take place through Google Meet, whose link is provided in the platform. It has been a unique experience, both for teachers and students, to use BLC as an online teaching/learning platform. We collected feedback from students to know how they feel about it. In the paper we present the findings, reflecting the perceptions of learners using BLC.


BLC, online class, google meet, resource management, online assessment

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