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Paper Title
Formation of Diaspora Governance for Bangladesh


Islam, Muhammad Sajidul; Hasan, Sabbir


Now a days 30 million strong Indian diaspora becomes India’s great economic
stakeholder where During his stint as Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee is recognized for
promoting genuine interaction with the Indian diaspora in order to build mutually beneficial
links. So it is proved that Diasporas are one of the strongest stakeholders for developing
countries. From the time immemorial citizens from under developed or developing countries
were started to shifting towards a new destination. But due to undeveloped structural conditions;
sending countries were unable to govern diaspora communities and Bangladesh is one of them.
After the independence in 1971, Bangladeshis are started to migrate to different countries.
Having four different engagements with sending countries such as Progress of payment
technology, Advancement of digital identity, Enhancement of diaspora engagement and Platform
Technology; improving Diaspora engagement with sending countries which accelerate Diaspora
Governing in developing countries. Like other under-developed countries Bangladeshi Diaspora
started from labor migration. In early 71’s a large number of Bangladeshi citizens were
migrated as unskilled labor to different countries like the USA, the UK and many other
countries. So; to turn Diaspora communities as a soft power; sending country need to govern
diaspora community. This study will focus different methods and technique taken by developing
countries especially in India and by using both descriptive and content analysis methods to
accumulate their diaspora communities. By scrutinizing Institutional Twinning, Municipal
Twinning, Practitioners approach, TOKTEN approach; this research will propose a standard
model to govern near about 1.5 million Bangladeshi diaspora communities all around the world.


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